GNERDL is an online directory for gamers to find each other by any name or identity they choose to go by.  GNERDL was established in April 2011 in Boulder, Colorado.  Site development began in January 2014, and in July 2014 the website came to fruition for its first open beta testing.

How we are different: GNERDL is not about achievements and progress, it's about building connections and finding friends.  GNERDL is a network that allows you to provide all the aliases, tags, and character names you've used along with their associated games. We don't require players to enter personal authentication info to link up to third party API, because we want our users to have complete privacy control over each piece of content that they share.

Our Goal: establish an online network that allows gamers to find each other and continue to game together.

Our Mission: perpetuate the bond and respect that is revealed when people game together.

A few of Our Loftier Goals:

  • Involvement from established gamer groups
  • Industry and non-profit partnership
  • To embrace the goodness of gaming
  • To help smaller gaming communities thrive
  • To sustain the friendships that are made through online gaming
  • To encourage formation of local gaming groups