Wednesday, June 12

So Yeah. What is GNERDL?

GNERDL began as an idea - an idea that could solve the problem of losing your in-game friends to other games.  Years ago when we were all playing World of Warcraft, the 12 million self-proclaimed WoW addicts around the world created some
amazing friendships while gaming together.  In the past years many of us have drifted to other games.  Some of us have "quit".  Some of us have "quit" many times!

As I migrated to Starcraft 2, Diablo III, SWTOR, League of Legends, Rift... (the list goes on) I would invariably change my avatar names.  I would revisit WoW only to find friends were no longer around.  As part of my grief process, I resurrected my XBOXLive account and played some Halo.  Hey!  There's a player named Deagle!  I wonder if it's the same Deagle I knew from WoW?

Therein lies the problem and the solution: GNERDL.  The idea for this site originated as a place where gamers could create an identity that would include every avatar they ever used on any multiplayer game.  Some quick databasing-skills and it would be done.  A killer site that every gamer would want to be on!

Well, the biggest problem is that I (Erica, founder and CEO) am not an idealist.  And this is a very idealist plan.  Realist > idealist and:

Reality 1: I can't code (!)
Reality 2: Even Founders need money for food, gas, and diapers for their kids.
Reality 3: No matter how I spin it, it's a social network.  NO ONE wants to invest in a social network. :\

After a quick crowdfunding campaign, GNERDL gathered enough resources to get things off the ground.  We have been working on our web presence, social media strategy, community building, and creating an environment of positive energy surrounding the world of gaming.  People who like our message are starting to get on board by Liking and Following us through various channels.

Enter the realist... should this just be a media/journalism site?  Who in the world wants another gaming news site?  Do we have something new to offer?  Do we abandon the original dream of creating an amazing gamer database?  Can we really run a successful business strictly off of ad revenue?

These are all questions left unanswered as GNERDL continues to push forward.  So what's happening now?  Here are a few DEFINITES in our near future:

1. GNERDL will be sponsoring a charity League of Legends tournament in the Fall.
2. GNERDL will begin some local gaming activities for youth in the Boulder area.
3. GNERDL will start having original written content on a daily basis by the end of the Summer.

If this sounds good to you - please support GNERDL by joining our facebook page, following us on Twitter, or posting some comments with your feedback.  Thanks for reading and learning more about us!

-Erica Brandon, GNERDL Founder


You can contact Erica directly at