Monday, April 15

Some of the "Behind the Scenes" Work Being Done on GNERDL

Although there hasn't been much change in the site until today, there is a lot of exciting stuff happening in the background.  I've been working on making GNERDL a legit business, as well as filing for copyright and trademark on the name and logo.  We have a new t-shirt design, and the shirts should be ordered soon!  For those who donated enough to receive one, I think you'll really like it.  Stickers are on the way too!

For people who didn't contribute enough to get a t-shirt or sticker, don't fret!  You will be able to purchase them off this website.  :)

Another very exciting thing that's happening is the development of the site's functionality.  My friend and neighbor John Chase is an experienced web developer and has been donating some of his time to the project.  This is a huge help!  I have quite a few people who are standing by to beta test the site, and John is the perfect person to help me with the first phase of GNERDL.  It's our hope that the initial site will provide enough valuable analytic information that I can launch into further stages of development.

On the horizon for this summer: E3 and GenCon!  I hope to attend both conventions in order to find advertisers, new users, and just to spread the word in general.  I will be accepting further  contributions for anyone who is still interested in helping out.  The costs for E3 will be around $5,000, while costs for GenCon will be much less at around $1,000.

Thank you all again for your support and readership!